KUKA Jogging without SIB and X11
Profinet + ProfiSafe, EthernetIP + CIP, Ethercat + FSoE

Moving a KUKA robot is simple with SIB safety board and X11 interface. But what if you don't have this interface?

Don't worry the solution is quite simple, although in the video we teach how to move the robot with Profinet using ProfiSafe, you can also do it over EthernetIP with CIP or even Ethercat over FSoE  using a EL6695 bridge.

If you want a summary, basically you need to choose at least one of the security configurations, but only one.
In the video, we will add in the workvisual project the profinet bus and enable profisafe. Once you do this just transfer the project to the controller.
Then you will be able to move the robot bypassing the security signals by using start-up mode.(Change user group with more privileges and then in start-up > service > start-up mode) Clear all the errors and move!


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