Industrial networks are messy...

Trying to interconnect different types of industrial networks together. 

Here we can see the power supply 24V (top left cornet), then the kuka SmartPad and below on the aluminum DIN rail we have decentralised IOs(inputs and outputs) through Interbus Fiber, the next device is a Siemens Scalance switch that changes ethernet RJ45 profinet signal to profinet fiber optic signal, the next device is an interbus fiber proxy that communicates with profinet through RJ45, at the bottom right corner, we can see an SMC device that works with profinet fiber and last but not least the top right corner is the infamous Siemens S7-1500. 

So the connection is routed this way:
S7-PLC -> Phoenix Contact Proxy -> interbus fiber & kuka controller & scalance switch -> SMC


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