Palletizing with collaborative robots
(ur3 & yaskawa hc10 through profinet)

In this video we showcase two collaborative robots from different brands working together through profinet, even though use different communication bus systems. Here we see the cobots sorting and palletizing using artificial vision. 

The yaskawa HC10 has a VG10 onrobot gripper controlled with a compute box through digital inputs. The cobot connects through ethernetIP to our profinet network, using a raspberryPI 4B with codesys (which acts as a gateway ethernetIP-profinet). 

The UR3 (universal robot) is connected directly to our profinet network as a slave. Watch our previous video on how to connect UR to profinet The gripper used is an OnRobot soft gripper SG-a-H with the camera module OnRobot eyes controlled through the eye box and connected through ethernetIP. 

The system is controlled with a siemens HMI with a S7-1500 and the devices in the TIA portal project are the UR, the raspberryPI and the HMI.


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