Halloween 2022 - Youtube short
Eurobots and Rebots wish you a happy Halloween

In collaboration with  @DOBOT - Robotics Solution Provider and @DH - Robotics


REBOTS presents Eurobots wishing you a Happy Halloween.

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 - https://rebots.start.page/
 - https://www.dobot.store/ 

In this video we used a Magician Go, Magician Lite with a soft gripper, a CR5S + CGI-100-170 (three finger gripper) and CR10S + AG-105-145 (Two finger gripper).

The Dobot magician series are great for learning robotics, designed to fit in stem/steam education. The magician go resembles an industrial AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle)/ AMR (Autonomous mobile robot) and the magician lite is a small 4 axis robot palletizer that allows you to learn basic programming by block programming like scratch or script programming with python. (The magician lite can be mounted on the magician go). 

Additionally, we have the DOBOT cobots (collaborative robots) which are also simply programmed with block programming and LUA scripts (additionally you can use ROS or python via TCP/IP). 

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